Image Retreat
Marriage Made in God's Image Retreat

Here are what a few of our attending couples had to say about how this ministry has impacted their marriage and walk with Jesus Christ. Glory, Honor and Praise to Jesus Christ.

"Before 'Marriage Made in God's Image', I was selfish in my role as a spouse, I think we both were. Now I want to be unselfish and giving."

"This retreat broke me down and showed me the importance of serving others (spouse, family).  It also helped me get over my road blocks to give to others"

"We communicated this week-end like we had NEVER before"

"I realized areas I need to change about myself by God's hand, and ways I can help my husband and our marriage"

"My emotions are drained right now and I LOVE IT!!"

"I know how to reach my husband, talk to him, without criticizing him."

"When we came to this retreat, my husband and I were separated, now we are committed!!"

 "My husband needs me to honor him (as God commands) and I know now that his love language is encouraging words."

 "We prayed together for the first time in our marriage."

"This ministry has been a blessing."

"This ministry reminded me to focus on Christ and to continue strengthening my walk with Him."

"This ministry has shown me, that even though my marriage was going well, we have plenty of room for improvement when it comes to our Christian relationship."

"It has strengthened my resolve to be the spiritual leader of my family and placing God first in my life."

"This time has taught me to never be too busy for God in both, my marriage and in my personal walk with Him."

"We had distanced ourselves from God over the years.  However, this ministry has brought us back together with Him."

"I have learned how to communicate and also how to avoid some things in the future."

"This ministry is a breath of fresh air, as opposed to the "flavor of the month" advice on marriage.  With the focus on spiritual lessons this enabled things to be much clearer in my walk with my husband, and my Lord

"This ministry was truthful, and helped me focus on the things which are important."

"My priorities have been re-focused and I realize I need God in my life and marriage."

"There is not enough room for me to describe this experience! It has touched every area of my life. Praise the Lord!
"I now have direction."

"I now feel there is hope for me and my marriage."

"My cup runneth over! The way this ministry has lead me to understand myself and my Lord has given me comfort. God has blessed me through this process and is blessing this ministry."

"I have given EVERYTHING to Christ!"

"This was beyond what I had anticipated. Thank you for allowing God to work through you."

"I came to this retreat with my heels dragging, I didn't want to come.  However, God had other plans, and praise Him for knowing what is better for me and my spouse, than I do! Everyone should take advantage of this ministry regardless of life's pressures and time restraints. There is NOTHING more important than close contact with the Lord and your spouse."